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UTT after a Hiatus : Its 5000 + years..

Post On:March 8, 2023

Yes de-Hinduize Hindu literature from Hinduism!

Ms.Shara Eswar, brings in terminology of Jihad, Crusade, bombs, while describing Abhimanyu. Mr.Lawrence Switzky in one reference was gracious enough to bring in Caste! Their bonhomie on narrative & the trend was quite educative. They dig into Hindu sacred literature, “identify” victims like Ekalavya. They then propagate the victim narrative, while Hindus in general are elevated to the villian status! Ms.SE sounded desperate to tarnish ancient Hindu literature with current vocabulary and earn brownie points from her white masters. Pathetic. If she is doing a show on Mahabharatha one can expect the negative narrative!

It surely is to drive anger, and if we get angry to their provocation, we may end up giving them the attention they are desperately craving for! Note that this tamasha has secured funding from govt of Canada!

Quite an irony, one post from UTT says Mahabharatha is 2000 year old and another post claims it to be 4000 year old. For many a white academician time past 2000 years seems to be a academic blind spot!

Utt workshop1b

We have the following responses from reputed Hindu academicians. Those who have spent decades in research of Sanathana Dharma scriptures, Shri Shiva Ram Babu.

Utt workshop1c
Utt workshop1d
This from another academician Shri Sai
This inscription on a Jain Temple, Aihole prepared by one Chalukya King Pulakeshi,
Trinshatsu Trisahasreshu Bhaaratdahavaditaha | Saptabda Shatayukteshu Gateshwabdeshu Panchasu | Panchashatasu Kalaukale Shatasu Panchashatsu cha | Samatsu Samatitasu Shakaanamapi Bhoobhujaam || ( UTT call us and we will connect you to the academician who can decipher this to you)

The concern with UTT has been the same. To exclude Hindu academicians, bring in brownie secular ones, who want to sing to colonial, evangelical, racist narratives of Hindus. For a few crumbs, I would imagine. Mr.Chindu Sreedharan seems interesting. Too early to judge though. Both from Kerala! Does it say anything?