The Dialogue

There is strength only with Team work

Nothing beats the beauty of a strong Hindu Mind
The most critical donation we need is strong Hindu minds. A mind that can be non-emotional, a mind that understands the core of a issue, a mind that can analyze and communicate our point of view in a polite language, a mind that can negotiate through complex subjects while staying stable in thought.
Volunteer in Academic Evangelism
All of us are familiar with street level evangelism. The concept of Academic evangelism is a very sophisticated mechanism, that operates in sweet language, over champagne and elitist society meetings. The Hindu elite of Canada is targeted to be pampered. We need intelligent Hindus who can navigate through its academic sophistication.
Volunteer in Team work
Because Moksha is highly personalized in nature, the same has taken over activism. As a result almost all Hindus work in isolation or small teams. Strategic bonding is a alien trait. We need Hindus who can understand the complexity of this and help up build networks with the various Hindu groups and individuals of Canada. Team work conveys the message stronger.
Volunteer on social media
Fortunately for us, and thanks to visionaries, social media is a sound alternative to convey our message. We need dedicated people preferably one each from each platform. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wikepedia and YouTube. As a independent head you will help us communicate and reach set audiences for relevant messages.
Volunteer with Temples
Our team established a connection with almost all listed Hindu Temples of Canada. Our Temples has been the first line of defense. Our work is being appreciated by pretty much each temple we spoke with. We need volunteers who can make the ground trip to each temple and communicate on our behalf. We will equip you with the required training and inputs.
Volunteer to bring volunteers
This is a battle that brings in more brickbats that bouquets. Its simply not fair to ask Canadian Hindus to join us. They did not come here for activism. They came for career, prosperity for their children and secure health future. Yes its a fact that we are battling issues that pertain to their faith. And you would communicate this to them.