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Dwarapalakas acknowledges the principle of respect to others including faiths, communities, law enforcement. We believe in a peaceful dialogue but will not shy away from articulating on sensitive issues. Our beliefs are on foundation of Sanathana Dharma. We work primarily in three areas,
1) Hindu theology at Academia in Canada
2) Network and communicate with Temples
3) Communicate with Canadian Media & govt
By taking this quiz you accept to work with us on the above and to polite and prevent use of hate speech or action of any kind. If accepted as members you also have the right of exit option. All information collected is subjected to privacy laws and your info will be dealt in strict privacy.



Is Hindu activism and Hindutva the same?
Is Activism permitted by Canadian Charter of rights?
Should Hindus be seen in a positive way in Canada?
Do you think Hindus are being treated fairly by Media in Canada?
Do you think Canada has Hindu Chaplains?
Should Hindu temples do more for Hindus in Canada?
Are you aware of any Hindu leaders or organizations of Canada?
Do you see a role for you to represent Hindus in a better way in Canada?
What is the best way to address / resolve those?
In addition to family, career, personal space, would you have time for Hindu causes?
If Dwarapalaka leadership requests your time and intellect..?
When communicating with other Hindu groups, or Hindus, what should be our approach?
If something bothers you, about Hindus and Hinduism in Canada what is the best approach?
What is the right age for Hindu activism in Canada?

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