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THE CITIZENSHIP (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2019 is a BILL further to amend the Citizenship Act, 1955. It is not a full fledged bill but a a narrow-tailored law specifically meant for religiously persecuted minorities in the 3 specified countries namely Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. It says that "Any person belonging to Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi or Christian community from Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistan and who has entered into India on or before the 31st day of December, 2014 and staying here to safeguard their lives, shall not be treated as illegal migrant. The average westerner should already be aware that minorities into those three Islamic nations are persecuted with state sanction. The population numbers over the past 5 decades are a reference.
One of the worst lies being spread is that Indian Muslims need to worry about the bill. The Citizenship Amendment Bill has nothing to do with Indian citizens, Muslim or otherwise, as it seeks to grant citizenship to religious minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. People belonging to Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Sikhs, Parsi or Christian communities from these three countries who have come to India before 31/12/2014 for religious persecution and already living in India will be able to apply for citizenship after the amendment is passed. No Indian citizen including MUSLIMS will be asked to produce any document to prove citizenship after the CAB is passed, it is PURE false propaganda with bad intentions.
CAB is a special one-time measure for the religious minorities who have already come to India after facing persecution in the three specified countries. The amendment does not cancel the existing naturalization laws. Any person from any foreign country seeking to be Indian citizen can apply for the same under the existing laws. There is no bar on Muslims from anywhere in the world to seek Indian citizenship under existing laws, CAB does not prohibit that. They can apply for Indian citizenship under section 6 of the Citizenship Act, which deals with citizenship by naturalization.
Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, Parsis or Christians from only from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, who are already living in India for at least five years can apply for citizenship. It does not give automatic citizenship to Hindus, they must have lived in India for at least five years, and after that, they have to apply for citizenship. It is not particularly biased in favour of Hindus as many are arguing. Six communities from three countries have been given relaxation, for everyone else the normal naturalisation law remains applicable. For example, there are lots of Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus living in camps in Tamil Nadu, but they have not been included in CAB. These Sri Lankans had fled the country during the war with LTTE in 1990s and are living in several camps
Like weak Canadian politicians of New Westminster and Brampton, CBC has reported just one side of the story. cbc This was our mailer to them, We refer to your article and its update on CBC FB post as re-produced below. We have received a e-acknowledgement to the complaint we sent to you from your website on this subject. (enclosed below) As we have not received any further response from you we are sending this 2nd letter. We wish to file a formal complaint on the following aspects of your article 1-The news bits inserted into the article was not done with journalistic fairness 2-It presents a incorrect and one -sided aspect of the story, that needs authentication 3-It was not written keeping in mind the pluralistic nature of Canadian society Initial reports tell us that the above report has caused considerable anger with the Hindu community. We are initiating reach out to Hindus of Canada on this report to further assess their response. There is unanimity your article insinuates both character & Culture of Hindus. That article propagates the theory that the onus of responsibility for Violence in Delhi rests on Hindu shoulders only. That speaks of bias, condescending approach and absence of research on the sensitive subject. Your FB page has 2.3 Million likes. You have effectively promoted Hindu Phobia in that many likely minds. It impacts Hindu adults at workplaces and Kids at schools. That is a serious violation of Hindu rights. Canadian Hindus are taxpayers and good Citizens. We draw your attention to “Respect and Absence of Prejudice” section in your Journalistic Standards and Practices page. Before initiating the process of formal re-course, we wish to enquire, 1- Source of news, with the names of journalists who penned that article. 2- Was CBC misled into publishing that article or was it a deliberate? 3- Do you have a vetting process before news is published 4- Do you have a experts team who authorize publications to ensure that news is fair and in sync with high values of democratic processes that makes nations like Canada named as developed? Our contact info is enclosed for you to reach to us to discuss the article & recourse. Best Wishes The Dialogue Team
Final We are pleased to present a detailed report. Please note you can counter us with information from a media that aligns with Islamic sympathies. Media neutrality and bias are serious issues. Killings of Hindus on the streets of New Delhi are gruesome, barbaric and remind one of ISIS killing protocols. Its unfair on part of CBC a publicly funded media from a developed nation like Canada taking a one sided view of reporting.
If Hindu persecution does not cut ice with you, here is a update on Christian persecution in Pakistan. The modus operandi is standard. Any young girl above 10 has to receive Pakistani sperm, be it Hindu, Christian or Sikh. And all players play to this objective, the politicians, the administration, the judicial system, the media. In this agonizing video you can see how the child is forced away from parents and "willingly" signs a marriage affidavit with a 40 + Pakistani Islamic man. We understand the insensitivity of Pakistani press, but what is with CBC? This was the primary reason for India to introduce CAA. Its a purely humanitarian act, and instead of applauding it, CBC is joining the India vilification brigade. That is a assault on the intellect of Canada.
Shias, Ahmediyyas, Hazaras all these groups are Muslims, they are not recognised as separate religions anywhere in the world. As Muslims, they are not minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, which are either officially Islamic countries or have a very high Muslim majority. Therefore, it is not possible to include these Muslim groups in the bill as it is specifically made for religious minorities in those countries. Harish Salve stated on this doubt that the countries specified in the CAB have their own state religion and Islamic rules. He added that Islamic majority nations identify their people as per who follows Islam and who does not. Addressing governance problems in neighboring countries is not the purpose of the CAB. Still, if any Muslims are being persecuted in these Islamic countries for practicing their version of Islam, they can apply for asylum in India. India has already provided asylum to Tibetans, and a large number of people from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Uganda etc.
Canada is a developed country in all areas, and it is within our right to expect Canadian politicans like Mr.Puchmayer of New westminister and Mr.Patrick Brown of Brampton be well read and have basic understanding of geo-politics of the Indian subcontient. The fact that Immigrants from the nations of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan are part of Canada's development, make the learning process imperative. They cannot be taking sides and opening the doors for alien battles to be fought on Canadian soil. We urge them to increase their levels of intellect and political wisdom. If the display parochial behavior then they are opening doors to potential future strife and discontent on streets of Canada. Canada is a peaceful country today and lets work hard to keep it that way. You may schedule a meeting with our team to discuss this further if you wish.
A resolution initiated and sponsored has been passed by the council of The city of New Westminster. Congratulations to the city on passing an anti -CAA resolution.That was a demonstration of Canadian righteousness and spirit of being and doing good. The Federal govt of Canada recently rejected a referendum promoted by a separatist right-wing group.Considering that, is it appropriate that Westminster city council to pass a Hindu-phobic resolution promoted by a Hindu phobic personality named Gurpreet Singh? We believe that by this action, seeds of acrimony are being planted on a peaceful city of New Westminster. We feel Westminster City should not turn into a turf war zone for international politics. We believe the city was unduly influenced in getting involved and its action is considered a interference in foreign affairs of a sovereign democratic nation. Like we wish no alien interference on internal matters of Canada, so should the spirit be reciprocated.
The Images below are self-explanatory. Playing into weaknesses. Where is the pride and strength of Canada? straight radical counter alameen
Hindu response is staid, non aggressive. Because Hindus did not come to Canada to pick up battles. Hindus came to work and build a career for themselves and contribute to Canada's development. Hence they do not challenge the govt not try to play politics to take advantage. They are emotional but in a peaceful and non aggressive way. If Canada does not encourage a peaceful community then its on the shoulders of weak Caucasian politicians of Canada for having opened the doors of alien strife on Canadian soil.
No minority is shown mercy. And India opens its doors for the three communities whose members are killed with tacit govt support. India has opened its doors to Christian, Sikh and Hindu minorities. paki 2 paki 4 paki 3 These are cold numbers: Lets say India withdraws CAA then will Canada and USA open doors for the persecuted minorities? Its time the west and media start supporting. Perhaps a Nobel prize for Shri Narendra Modi, the PM of India, WhatsApp Image 2020-10-04 at 11.31.42 AM
The numbers below speak a lot. India is the only nation of the world that has Hindus. If that nation does not take care of them, would Canada accept Hindus of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan? Its a better idea not to pontificate to India! numbers dont lie