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Can you Handle Pun Mr.Christoph Emmrich?

Post On:July 31, 2022

Hello Mr.Christoph Emmrich,

Ref: https://dwarapalakas.ca/another-feather-in-cap-of-ut/

Trust you are doing well and while neither of us are strangers to each other I am sure you can handle some pun!

Was waiting on you to see you host a “academic event” in support of the freedom convoy. Wonder why you did not do that! The parallels between New Delhi and Ottawa are similar aren’t they? Siege, invasion, rough hand protest and all in the name of democracy.

You did disappoint me when you did not organize a event in support of freedom convoy at UTT. Comparatively you were gracious and quick enough to do so when such a protest happened in distant India! To the disappointment of people who praise Modi ji, the PM of India did not impose emergency and let the protest moment linger for a one full year.

However our Prime Minister the right Honorable Mr. Justin Pierre James Trudeau acted quick and imposed emergency laws. Since it was discussed in media, were you sir petrified that your passport will be revoked or driver license cancelled? If that be the case are you compromising on academic freedom? Then perhaps I am within my purview to assume that it could be one of the reasons you did not host a meet in support of freedom convoy?

Surely you demonstrated remarkable resilience in defending academic freedom when it comes to baiting India & Hindus! Not sure when you retire but before that happens, hoping to see some hatred free Hindu friendly events at your dept in UTT!!

Gopala Krishna