The Dialogue

Un-ethical Evangelism

The image from Pew research center’s forum on Religion and public life explains that most of the world is dominated by Christian nations. From among the 190 or so nations of the world India happens to be the only Hindu majority Country. And that seems to be difficult for the Christian world to accept? If so it speaks of religious intolerance. We urge Institutions/Governments to use their moral advantage to advocate religious tolerance. Annual flow of Church related funding into India is $ 2200 millions.
The Training of an Evangelist in India seems like a closely guarded secret but the outcome is not. Every born again Indian Christian displays a hostile and aggressive behavior towards fellow Indians. Our objective is to promote international peace. We monitor current trends and initiate communication with the aim of preventing future conflicts. Mutual respect is a basic courtesy.

As a Hindu, have you ever indulged in a terrorist activity on the streets of North America? If not why are you carrying the burden of being accused of being violent?
As a Hindu have you ever proselytized? If not why are you being accused of being intolerant? As a Hindu have you ever heard any of your Gurus visiting North America talk bad about other faiths? Have you then wondered why other faith leaders love talking bad about your faith? The average Canadian Christian seems to be a fine person with impeccable manners, courtesies and public behavior. But they are totally oblivious to what is happening in India, and in the name of Christ!

This is exactly we are talking about. Prior to conversion in the early 20th century to Christianity by Welsh Baptist missionaries, the Chin, Kuki, and Mizo peoples were animists. On conversion Kukis have become anti Hindu. Now, “non white”Kuki & Meitei people are shedding blood and life over religion. And this person is enjoying fishing in troubled waters. He raises persecution as a excuse to raise money from innocent white Christians abroad. While keeping his house in the west secure, he sounds like not hesitating to pour fuel over fire. He wants to instigate the western governments against India. These are trouble makers who are the real reason for strife in India. Incendiary – in the name of Jesus. No love only trouble!

Religious Plagarism:
Rampant in India. Evangelicals steal from Hindu scriptures, imagery, paraphernalia, entire verses and paragraphs from Hindu sacred books. If a Hindu protests then its billed as Christian persecution. We present some info from their pages.
“Research suggests a high number of people with narcissistic personality disorder end up in ministry,” warns Katelyn Beaty, former managing editor of Christianity Today. “Narcissists are skilled power wielders, using manipulation, gaslighting and deceit to consolidate power for selfish ends.”
It would be better for leaders to step back for a moment and take the long view, creating careful and truthful work. Proverbs 13:11 cautions, “Wealth obtained by fraud will dwindle, but whoever earns it through labor will multiply it” (HCSB).
Words are labor. Turning phrases takes time. Integrity displays itself in small acts. Consumers can help by demanding thoughtful, original work and by calling out those who steal content.
Perhaps we should revisit the idea of Sabbath, take a holy selah, and produce content that author Cal Newport calls “deep work” — the kind of words that are hard-won, mined from our own experience of Jesus in the mundane of life.
If authors feel the pressure to produce to the point of using someone else’s creativity while parading it as their own, repentance is in order. Hurry produces plagiarism, as does greed.
Our celebrity-driven culture sadly overlooks it, but our Lord does not.
It’s lying and stealing, plain and simple.


Check the courtesy and politeness levels of Indian evangelicals. In this video, you can a see a group of Hindu devotees walking on a pilgrimage to a temple. The foreign trained Indian evangelicals wants to harass them with his message. In spite of his harassments the Hindus are walking in devotion to their faith. If this behavior is challenged, then its labelled as Christian persecutions. Is the civil west watching this? We see a sophisticated version of this happening in Canada!

10th grade Hindu Dalit boys Kirubakaran and Kirubanandan, beaten by Christian teacher Joyson for wearing Hindu sacred ash and Rudraksh in Anderson School, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. Check the barbarity of the man who is a teacher, and who claims to be a follower of messenger of love!

Residential schools making in India??
Not sure how else to describe it! Painful that such things are happening in the name of christ..what will these kids turn into.. their intellect, their thinking is smashed. they are now jesus zombies..

Sheer Terror.. naked and in plain sight!


Would the Canadian parent wish their kid to go through this? In what way is this different from Residential schools? The process has been refined and adapted to modern times, while the intent to eradicate a culture is as fresh as ever.

The west stands for politeness, civility, and human values, democracy. While the Evangelicals who visit India Indulge in the opposite. Pope’s apology has value for them, Ethical evangelism has no value for them. This section provides examples. The powers that be have decided that Hindus must cease to exist. The powers then trained and unleased a army of gods soldiers also called as Evangelicals on Hindus. Scroll down to see the result of their “work of Love” Its simple, clean, direct and willful harassment of Hindus.

In a small village in south India, there is a small Temple. A few in that village got converted to Christianity and on indoctrination could not tolerate the Temple that was there for decades. They choose to express their displeasure by defacing the temple with cross signs. How is this situation? Its Hindu majority India and yet a small number of new converts can bully the nation/ city / town / village? What explains this logic?

India does not have any restrictions or regulations for visiting evangelical trainees, who use Indian soil and people as target practice. With such a strong reputation in the west for exploiting kids for sexual practices, is it advisable to give visiting evangelicals access to Indian kids?

Evangelicals secretively approach school going kids and distribute bibles. This is part of the “Child Evangelism”strategies. Its stealing Hindu kids away from the faith of their parents. Its similar to life in Serengeti, where carnivore predatory animals, target the young of herbivores and carnivores. Hindu parents are not supposed to get mad at this act. They are supposed to welcome it. And if they protest its called “Christian persecution”

Mrs.Kavitha, resident of Hyderabad Pandurangnagar, filed a compliant against her Christian neighbors for attacking her and her mother. 3 of Her Christian neighbors called her out and started attacking (using construction tools). She fainted and soon she was taken to to hospital and treated, she got 9 stitches on her head injuries.

The victim said that Mr.Yesu (the Christian neighbor)along with his father and mother not only thrashed her but also her 55-year-old mother. She added that the neighbor used to abuse them every day for performing puja and playing devotional songs.

She said that their Christian neighbour was fighting with them since last 18 yrs and since last one year they became very aggressive. she also said they would abuse whenever she start doing pooja or ring bells at mini temple at her house.

This is the impact of Evangelism on India

This is Evangelical love being unleashed on India.. This person speaking in Telugu, we provide a translation with emphasis. He says they are currently approaching Hindus for conversion with love and Hindus should accept that, but if their “god – aka Mr.Jesus”asks him to take a sword then are capable of destruction of Hindus of Andhra.

Meenakshi Ganguly, This prolific writer wrote 138 articles in various magazines and publications,Asian age, Open democracy, The caravan, Scroll, News week etc.. and could not find one sympathetic line for violations against Hindus.. and she is the South Asia director for Human rights watch. Will she entertain any Hindu Human right violations? Fascinating eco system of Using Indians against Indians.. and thats the biggest advantage over Hindus!

5th December 2019: A nursery school magazine of Infant Jesus School, North Paravur,Kerala, South India. This section describes the story of Ramnath, who was so poor and prayed in all Temples that he knows, but did not get his prayers answered. Then he prayed to Jesus in a Church which he accidentally met and so then he got 100% achievement in agriculture and thus all those people who heard of this story went to Church and Prayed to Jesus.
Many Hindu parents are simply not aware of what is happening to young minds. Schools, streets are packed with such zealous christians, who will want to convert any living being,to christ. What is this zeal? Is it religious fanaticism? And how are Hindus supposed to react and respond? The west that trains these evangelicals has to answer?

4th Dec 2019: The west should take notice of what is happening in India in the name of evangelism! Is this acceptable in any western country? Then why are they not condemning this. If this is not violence then what is? In the name of Christ?

There is a sea of difference in evangelical work between India and west. Work in the west is persuasive and borders on being polite. But check their work in India. They present a rude entry with loud speakers mounted on a van, intrusive into a Hindu living space. If an otherwise passive Hindu is enraged, one can only gauge the dis-respectful and impolite nature of these evangelos. The west should take a moment to decipher this. Indian evangelos are capable of doing things only on training from their HQ institutions of Canada & USA. Mental violence triggered by Evangelos can escalate to physical violence in no time. Liberals and conservatives of Canada should acknowledge and advise Indian evangelos on the need for respecting Hindu space. Dialogue is the solution.

Hindu parents in India are keen to get their kids into schools run by christian institutions. Little are they aware of what their kids go through at such schools. In addition to providing “education” these schools also seem to have an “evangelical agenda” and that includes brainwashing children. Children need to be spending time on education. School managements in the rest of the world acknowledge that. Look at the details in the video. Wonder what is being whispered into innocent years? Imagine the kind of pressure a student is subjected to. Should kids go through this? Is this acceptable in western schools? Then why is this tolerated in the Indian educational system so lax? Educationalists both in India and abroad should team up to prevent this abuse of education system.

The video above is one example of the trouble these “men of god” do. He goes under-cover into a Hindu temple and uses disparaging words like a feeling of Despair, people worshipping cows and elephants, idols. His tone was of contempt and mockery. He said his experience was weird. Hindus did not stop him from entering the temple, he had a free run and he repays Indian hospitality with abuse. He tries to foster trouble by bringing non existing Hindu – Muslim issues.Hindus on the contrary have demonstrated that they are much civilised people. Hindu gurus visiting western countries always exhort their devotees to respect the land and people they work with. Our point stands validated. Caucasian evangelists visiting India are not angels. They are trouble makers. Why is government of India not acting? Western governments and organisations take pride in civility. Such evangelists are an insult to all west stands for!

This man who calls himself a Christian pours venom on Hinduism. He has the audacity to say that 800 million + Hindus are bastards. He wants to destroy all Temples and idols. He wants to re-do the colonial thing in modern day today. Hear his torture and convert plan! He says that Hinduism has no place on the earth. He also says that yoga teachers should be punished and equates it with drugs and mafia. He claims to be propagating the message of love and peace. do you see any of it? In principle do you see any difference between this guy and an Islamic fundamentalist? Most of what he said borders on insanity coupled with hatred. Such people instead of being locked up in asylums are being given VIP treatment in India. India should take this seriously. Let’s reply just to one point in his own terms: “If as a Christian he feels that Yoga teachers should be given the SWAT treatment, then as a Hindu how should we treat evangelicals when they visit India with so much venom in them?”

True story: Palani – Temple Town: Near Madurai City: South India: Every year Hindu devotees go on a foot pilgrimage to this Hindu holy place. This trip has deep religious significance. Indian evangelicals were caught doing what they best, ” causing religious trouble”. Like bikers they came in packs with their act ready, but had to beat a retreat when cornered.

Analysis and Acknowledgement: Who are the people behind these evangelicals? These guys look like young Indian youth. Who has motivated them to do such acts? Is such interference civil? Who is funding them? Let’s assume a Christian religious event is happening in any western country. Will any western government tolerate if non-Christians obstruct Christians who are on their religious journey? If no then why is religious intimidation of Hindus Ok? No, it’s not okay! Why are the powerful state and central government leaders of India not speaking up on this?

– Chennai is place where people of many religions reside
– Then why are religious idols of one religion being imposed on the Hindu majority?
We did some research on the other top railway stations of the world, 1.Grand Central – New York, 2.Atocha – Madrid, 3.St.Pancras Intl – London, 4.Chhatrapathi Shivaji Terminus – Mumbai, 5.Gare-De-Strasbourg – France, 6.Kula-Lumpur – Malaysia, 7.Berlin-Hauptbahnhof-Germany, 8.Antwerp-Central station – Belgium, 9.Kanazawa Station – Japan, 10.Southern cross station – Australia.

None of the above stations have such mismatched religious idols in public display. Many are Christian nations and they do not permit it. This explains how officials are bullied into by deep pocket evangelicals

True story: Banglore city: South India: The lady on the swing to the left is Ms. Lydia a Christian convert and the gentleman to her right is Mr. Jayakumar is a Hindu and her lover. While Mr. Jayakumar was willing to marry her, he was refusing to convert to Christianity as “requested” by her. Angered she plotted and executed an acid attack on him, and while he was writhing in pain, she used a surgical blade (yes she was a nurse) to slash his face.

Analysis and Acknowledgement: Ms. Lydia looks like a sweet lady with a good smile but what kind of demon in her motivated her to attack her own boyfriend? That was the demon of hatred seeded in her. The hatred against Hindus and the fiery passion to get a Hindu converted to Christianity. Who is planting this hatred in the minds of youth of India? As our previous videos showed, Visting evangelicals are seeding this hatred. We hope there would be at-least a few western voices who would see the truth.

Evangelization in India is pure harassment of Hindus. At multiple levels. Hindu India's docile temperament is no match to centuries of colonial expertise in subjugation!
Evangelicals simply do not see the fact that they are being offensive / rude to Hindus. Their abuse of Hinduism is service of god and Hindu resentment against abuse is persecution of church!
From among the 190 or so nations of the world India & Nepal happen to be the only Hindu majority countries. "Agents of conversion" have difficulty in accepting that fact. Why?
Annual flow of Church related funding into India from the west is around $ 2200 millions. That much? And what is the objective? To destabilize a peaceful nation and tamper with a peaceful faith?
"Agents of conversion" have no solution for the challenges of India, development, infrastructure, sanitation & corruption. Sounds like they use corruption as a tool for aiding conversions!
Plagiarism from Hindu scriptures, symbols and practices is rampant. Contrite free AoC do Ctrl C from Hinduism and do Ctrl V to Christianity and then challenge Hindus to prove ownership!
Centuries of exploitation, decades of bad governance & weak politics has created conditions in India that are fertile for AoC. The dollar rupee difference is a rewarding advantage for them.
Wonder why born again's of India display a hostile behaviour towards Hindus after conversion! What is it in the training manual of AoC? Somebody should have a peek into that. Does Jesus endorse it?
Hindus of India who are targets for conversion have no idea of the history of Church abuse. Residential schools, Annihilation of natives, & Black slavery. Hence innocent Hindus buy all the stories.
The biggest advantage "Agents of conversion" have is the passivity of an Hindu. As Hindus do not have the religious intensity of Islamists, they are a piece of cake for "Agents of conversion"
AoC have sympathisers in news media in the west who refuse to see the pain of Hindu. On the contrary they "dig" out negative news about India! Any news that is in favour of Hindus is simply erased.
"Agents of conversion" have hit strategies for all, The Hindu Devotee, Hindu bureaucrat, Hindu politician, Hindu institutions. Every segment is marked. If it has not hit you yet,it will!
Congress or BJP in Inda, Conservative or Liberal in Canada, Democratic or Republic in USA, irrespective of who is in power, looks like nobody has the strength to stop un-ethcial "AoC" in India.