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Internal Resolution's on alien affairs!

Post On:7th August, 2020


A resolution initiated and sponsored has been passed by the council of The city of New Westminster. Congratulations to the city on passing an anti -CAA resolution.That was a demonstration of Canadian righteousness and spirit of being and doing good.
The Federal govt of Canada recently rejected a referendum promoted by a separatist right-wing group.Considering that, is it appropriate that Westminster city council to pass a Hindu-phobic resolution promoted by a Hindu phobic personality named Gurpreet Singh?
We believe that by this action,seeds of acrimony are being planted on a peaceful city of New Westminster.
We feel Westminster City should not turn into a turf war zone for international politics. We believe the city was unduly influenced in getting involved and its action is considered a interference in foreign affairs of a sovereign democratic nation. Like we wish no alien interference on internal matters of Canada, so should the spirit be reciprocated.

We are initiating a reach out programme on this sensitive subject. People can reach us at dialogue@thedialogue.ca to share their thoughts on moving forward.


Proceedings of west Minister city hall

Post On:9th August

The politics of resolutions

Post On:9th August, 2020

The following forces played a active role with this Hindu Phobic and anti India resolution: