Eat,Pray & Love

The electricity Ms. Julia Roberts brings to the screen is quite electrifying and her smile by itself carries a 1000 wattage output. She is an intelligent actress, who understands any role she picks up. She delivers the right mix of acting that enhances the value of the script. She was and is the epitome of the best of Hollywood. It was obvious that she chooses her roles with care and attention. When her latest movie “Eat, Pray & love” was released it became a must see movie. Add the fact that the movie was shot in India, added to the urgency to see the movie.

Parallel Entertainment: The movie takes Julia through three countries, Italy, India and Bali and records her experiences and transformations. A parallel excitement was happening as the movie progressed. When she lands in Italy, there was a buzz of excitement in the seats next to us. It realized on us that we were sitting next to an Italian family. Julia learns Italian language, eats a lot of pizza, and shows us a glimpse of Italian life. The family next to me buzzed with hyper excitement when good things about Italy were shown and cringed in discomfort when things not gratifying about Italy were shown. When Julia landed in India and good things about India came on screen, we went into excitement mode and cringed, and when non-gratifying scenes came on screen. Given the unique political situation of India, it was Ironical that this is a movie that covered both Italy and India, and the fact that we were watching the movie with an Italian family sitting next to us added an Indian curry flavor to the irony!!

The Movie: She comes to India on a spiritual quest and after a few days into spiritual procedures she asks this most profound question, “I am at the source and don’t yet have answers” The movie progresses and when she sums up the spiritual solution she has stumbled in India it was expressed in such a subtle way, that only who has undergone a similar experience can grasp the enormity of the simple words she said. She delivered the lines not as an actress. It felt as she actually experienced it. And when she later told the world, “That I am a practicing Hindu” it was special homecoming for few Indians and as lo to some Hindus who seem drifting away.

eat pray love1

Is she alone? Enter Ms.Drew Barry more. A talented and intelligent actress in her own league. She explains, “You have such a different experience when you’re by yourself. I like it. I was studying spirituality and religions and I went to different temples and explored and walked barefoot through the streets and had incredible conversation. I’ve been keeping up my meditations. I learned certain prayers you can practice and just to pray and think about your friends and think about what you have and keep your perspective and never lose sight of that on a daily basis. And I have been able to keep that with me.”

Truth does not need a majority minority debate. Truth is truth irrespective of the outcome of the skills of the debater. What is that which is drawing the serious seekers of truth to Hinduism? Surely there is something beyond rituals and practices that some westerners and a selection of atheist politicians / intelligentsia of India criticize the religion for. People who practice Hinduism in its spirit know the value of this wonderful religion. We owe it to our self, our future generations and the world to do our little to preserve the beauty as we are we are fortunate to be associated with this wonderful religion by birth. Hinduism does not use any devious methods to bring in people to it. It’s the one and only democratic religion in the world. Welcome Ms. Julia Roberts and Ms.Drew Barry more.