Mr.David Davidar

This gentleman though a successful and quite well known icon in the publishing Industry burst into the lives of most Canadian Indians with an exclusive interview on the Canadian national television CBC in 2008. His success was a beacon to many NRI’s. Born in Kerala, educated in Chennai and Harvard, he succeeded in the publishing Industry by making Penguin Books a success both in India and Canada. He was one of the rare Indians who made it to the top in Canada.

Lets get back to his interview with CBC. First point he was being interviewed by Mr. Peter Mansbridge. Mr. Peter is an icon on Canadian television. He chats only the top people of the world. President Obama after his victory, and most recently Mr.Tony Blair after he published his book.To be able to be on that slot is special and it was refreshing to see Mr. David Davidhar with him.

He started off brilliantly, be defending India by saying that India suffered from 300 years of mi s-rule under the British. he did that not once but at least couple of times to rub in the point. The sense of self-respect he was instilling in Canadian Indians was spectacular. Thoughts of admiration started trickling out. “Isn’t this kind of Christian most Hindus want”? The one’s who practice their faith diligently but stand up to the west while defending India. This kind of trait has been such a rare and almost non-existent thing.

The conversation drifted towards his book,”The Solitude of Emperors”. Promoting his book was the principal reason Mr. David came on to CBC.The subject of this book by him is about one of the many the Hindu Muslim riots that have plagued India ever since another nation called Pakistan was created by the wily British. Mr. David’s conversational drift was beginning to go in a familiar direction, “Hindu bashing”. And he delivered it in style.

As as the conversation progressed the his style and flair got replaced by a very special mixture of emotions. A dissection of those emotions can broadly reveal the following
– A general animosity towards Hindus but a being pro-Indian – A desire to please somebody in the west but a strong sense of Individuality – The desire to portray Hindu politics negatively without any buts- He was seen trying to preempt any kind of attacks on Christians in India by showing examples of how badly Muslims in India are being treated by the majority Hindus. It appeared he was working towards some kind of deterrent pre emptive action so that no attacks happen against Christian interests in India. He had a certain smugness in him that this stance of his would have none to nil Hindu protest in Canada. He was right on the last point. There were none to nil Hindu protest against his tv drama on CBC.

Let’s not discuss the programme but suffice to say that it ended portraying Hindu politicians in a very negative light. It showed extensive but selective footage from Hindu Muslim issues of India. This combined with his equally selective readings from his book provided enough fooder of nourishment to the minds of those who are perpetually sitting on the bias table of anti-Hinduism.

We are compelled to address some issues
– Hindus have welcomed and treated christians with respect, and freedom – Indo Christians do not have any kind of hindrance to their growth in India. Hindu – Muslim issues have been kept under control by Hindu politicians in India, unlike what is happening in Muslim Christian issues else where in the world. So no offence but Mr. David Davidar’s help is not required. And why is he trying to stir up those issues in Canada? – Thanks to the pragmatic politics in Canada, there are no Hindu muslim or Hindu Christian issues here – His action in this programme was in no different from the actions of those whom he was critiquing in the programme.

What did David get in return? a) Exclusive prime time on Canadian Television. (A huge ego rub) & b) An opportunity to promote and make $$ out of his book.

What can poor Davidar do? He has done what thousands of recent converts do in India. Defame thyself, thy country of birth and the religion of thy ancestors to rub shoulders with the powerful anti-Hindu forces and in the process make some money. His anti-Hindu tirade has helped him in his career! He is not alone.There are a lot like like him in circulation today. Hindus should be kind enough to acknowledge the intentions and actions of such people.

*Why would CBC show a programme that presents only one side of the story? Why would Mr.Peter Mansbridge be part of this hate programme? Does Mr.Mansbridge feel good to be associated with a person who has been subsequently got involved in a sexual scandal? Hindus carry so much respect for Mr. Peter Mansbridge and this was a shocker. Surely there should be a few from among the 1 Million Hindus of Canada who must have felt offended. Why isn’t there a platform for them to come to-g ether and express their disapproval of such one sided programs. This is not the first time such a programme is aired. (CBC aired a 4 part programme called India reborn. Its was one sided too with no Hindu views. Its ironical that programme about Hindu majority India does not have a Hindu point of view. Check the online version at ) We wrote a letter to the producers of the programme. You can access that at this link