Pakistani High Commission: Toronto

We asked the secretary to the Pakistani High commissioner in Toronto if the High Commissioner would be willing to answer a few questions in an interview. He requested us to send us the questions. We sent the following questions and we havent received a reply.


1) There has been lot of finger pointing towards Pakistan after the recent attacks by terrorists in Mumbai. How do you respond?

2) Many Indian politicians including the Prime Minister Mr. Man Mohan Singh and the opposition leader Mr. Advani show a fondness for the cities of their birth, located in Pakistan. Does the average Pakistani reciprocate such feelings and do they see India as a friend?

3) Do you agree or disagree that in cultural aspects like food, language and taste for arts and bollywood there is a strong connection between between North and north western India and Eastern Pakistan?

4) In spite of trying its best to be a friend of the Western countries, Pakistan still occasionally has to face bad press from some western publications. Do you feel that it’s justified?

5) We hear all the time about the negative aspects of relations between India and Pakistan. For a change would you tell us what in your opinion has been India’s contribution to the development of Pakistan?

6) Considering the fact that 60 years of being neighbors hasn’t helped much in peace do you think may be its time for some historical decisions, like re-unification of Pakistan with India? Will that solve Indo- pak problems?

7) How do you think Pakistani leadership will respond to such a proposal?

8) What problems do you foresee if a proposal like re-unification with India comes up?

9) Do you see any benefits for Pakistan on re-unification with India?

10) What would Pakistan expect from India for a re-unification proposal?

11) Mr Barack Obama the president elect of USA talks about change. Do you think he is ready for this kind of change ?

12) How do you think will the world nations respond? Is the world ready for that?