Sabotage in the Indian Army:

No less a person then the Minister of State for Defence production has said that the “possibility of sabotage” of the main battle tank of the Indian Army should be examined.

What could be the possible reasons for the sabotage? Its simple and straight forward knowledge even a village panchayat and its members in India would know. It doesn’t need a post graduate or PhD education to decipher the truth.

“ If the sabotage is successful then it paves way for the Nation’s defence establishment to argue that the Main Battle tank is not functional and in the name of security for the country they can rush through the order for procuring MBT’s from abroad. Defence procurement from abroad means commissions for the ruling party”

In the corridors of power in New Delhi there is this huge establishment which transcends all political barriers. The objective of this establishment is to look out for every opportunity to make money. The money then goes into the coffers of the political parties. So who is that who make this establishment? Is it an unknown group of spies from our “neighborhood friends” like Pakistan, china or Bangladesh who has penetrated the Indian system and is creating havoc like sabotaging trials of the Main Battle tanks? No it is our own elected people, our own government, which encourages these elements and it is the workers / agents of various political parties who execute these sabotage plans. These elements thrive in the political environment of the New Delhi.

This establishment has nothing to do with either or a particular political party. This establishment was put into place by the primary national political party of India, the Congress and it has since been thriving growing without interruption. What started off as a trickle has now reached a level where the survival of this establishment is of paramount importance? Nothing should come in its way, not even the defence preparedness of the nation. This establishment has the strength to silence every political party as it offers them the most important contribution, “Money” This establishment makes money at the expense of the nation while the guardians, the political parties allow it to flourish and grow.

This establishment is like a virus within the system and has to be annihilated. What would happen if not acted now? The nation would be caught napping when it really matters and the political bigwigs will resort to panic purchases. In a low intensity war like Kargil the nation had make emergency purchases of Artillery shells from Israel. If that is the situation in such a low intensity war, what and how will the nation respond if a full scale war is thrust on it? This establishment will look for spoils even at that stage. Remember the case of shady deals in purchase of coffins for soldiers who have died in the kargil war! We don’t know what other deals these authors are scripting. It’s scary.

The response of the politicians and the naivety of the Indian public is a contrast. Many an Indian still believes that all is fine with the Indian army. How could it be? Postings, promotions, awards and discharges from the Army are influenced by politicians at least at the top level. Corruption by its very nature dosent have speed limits or fences. It mush surely have penetrated into the forces. There is deep resentment at the lower rungs of the army because of its misuse.

When what is required is seriouness we have this present CM of Tamilnadu who was threatening to bring in the army because a wall was bought down in a caste conflict in a small village, while he has the entire police force at its disposal, and we have the CM from Rajasthan who also threatens to bring in the army to contain a reservation flare up. After making a mess of the police forces in India now the politicians are all geared to do the same with the army. What next… Call in the army to manage traffic?

In a democratic set up like India its only the politician can bring in changes, then the next question would be how you can expect a politician to take steps which would deny his resources. This is where the moral fibre of the political party kicks in.Let’s not be naïve and assume that corruption in defence deals in something unique to India. It happens in almost all countries worldwide, but then there is a line which is not crossed. For example in a situation where a country orders ammunition for its top class guns, the defence preparedness is not seriously compromised if 90 % of ammunition is accounted and 10 % pilfered, but what is happening in New Delhi’s case is that there no hesitation to compromise on the main gun itself.

Do you think its lack of efficiency that the MBT Arjun is not ready after 36 years of trials? Its deliberate sabotage because this huge establishment doesn’t want indigenous defence production to succeed as it would eat into its profits. True enough India has inked the deal to purchase 350, T-90 Battle tanks from Russia.To prove that India has the technological capability just look at the space programme which though much complicated, Indian scientists have demonstrated great technological success.

The youth of the nation is reacting.The sabotage is having an impact on the army at all levels, entrance, servicing and retired.At the entrance levels there is this shortage of 11,000 commissioned officers, and for the first time this year the National Defence Academy was short of Cadets. Only 192 turned up against the sanctioned strength of 300. This is an Academy where there used to be intense competition to get into. The average educated youth is seeing the motive and apathy of the government and are emulating the leaders in being selfish and moving away to other careers where they don’t need to sacrifice life or limb.

At the service level just recently 15 colonels have refused to take up the Higher Command course (HCC) and Higher Defence Management Course (HDMC) and at the retired level Ex service men for the first time took to streets to both to protest against the 6th pay commission recommendations.

ex service men

This huge establishment and its political masters which sympathize the establishment which looks to make money of everything at Delhi and treats the vitals of the Nation with such scant regard, has to be culled with no mercy if we can feel safe about the security of the Nation.

If defence progress has be acheived then the political establishment should show real courage to give the mandate. They have done it earlier. The team of Mr Man Mohan Singh and Shri PV Narasimha Rao opened the door to economic liberalisation which the nation is experiencing now. Present leaders should do the same for the defence establishment and free it from the clutches of its internal enemies.

The Indian public will respond excellently to positive leadership.Given a mandate there are scores of brilliant administrators and officers who are impatient to set things right. The present and future generations will be thankful both to the politicians and the officers who did the job.