Sleeing with the Enemy!!

The world has an almost permanent enemy slot that needs to be filled up periodically.It is like a job posting. Once the enemy post has been filled, the person stays there for some time before he gets neutralized. Then the laws of world justice deem that an enemy chair cannot remain vacant for too long and a new one is chosen to fill it up. Choosing some one to fill up the vacant post is not really a tough job. A once trusted friend is always chosen to fill up the vacant enemy post. It is quite important not to keep the enemy chair vacant for too long. Lot depends on that chair being occupied. A live enemy with lots of vocal functional strength,can help in one or more of the following ways,

– Help leaders deflect national attention away from domestic crises,
– Feed the appetite of media that cannot do without sensationalism,
– Keep strife alive to sustain the arms Industry

His credentials as a friend, when he was a friend matter little once he is chosen for the chair of the enemy. Let us look at a few friends turned enemies of the world,

No 1 on the list:
Mr.Osama Bin Laden

bin laden usa

That was an image from facebook love Afghanistan page that sums the dilemma. It is a wikepedia documented fact that Mr.Osama Bin Laden was the blue eyed boy of the United States, during its cold war with the then Soviet Union. The BBC, in an article published shortly after the 9/11 attacks, stated that bin Laden “received security training from the CIA itself, according to Middle Eastern analyst Hazhir Teimourian.

No 2 on the list,
Mr.Saddam Hussein- Iraq

It was during the Iran – Iraq war of the 80’s, when Iraq’s defeat became inevitable, USA stepped into Mr.Saddams rescue. Relationship blossmed (in picture with Mr. Rumsfeld), and Mr.Hussien realised that he can blow hot and blow cold. The US let him do that, until he blew hot with a democratically elected dictator Mr.Bush came to power. The democratic dictator said this about friend turned enemy, “All the decades of deceit and cruelty has come to an end and Mr.Saddam and his sons should leave Iraq in 48 hours. Their refusal….” Post execution, one oil executive said, it was for oil. The UN later estimated that upto 500,000 children suffered due the war against Iraq.

No 3 on the list
Mr.Gaddafi – Libya

He was a long time associate and there was news that Mr.Gaddafi made a 42 million dollars donation to Mr.Sarkozy’s election and the beautiful part was that France was the first country to order air strikes on Libya. It was repayment of election loan Mr.Sarkozy style!

No 4 on the list

mubarak3   Mubarak2

He was a long time friend of the west and was supported by the west as long as he kept his country in control. When things went awry a bit, it was time to dump him. He was a friend for decades. They could have offered him sanctury in US. But he was past his expiry date and he was not politically useful.(That privelege is reserved for spies and other’s who betray their country in the interest of the US). He on his death bed is being dragged to court in an ambulance. Islamic justice!

Strife in other parts of the world is important for the arms Industry. The movie ” Lord of War”by Nicolas Cage makes a powerful viewing. It talks about arms business and sums it up by saying, “The top 5 arms exporting nations of the world are also the 5 permanent memebers of the UN Security council.” A television documentary on Canadian network CBC pointed out a relavent fact. Mr.Donald Rumsfield was the defence secretary during Mr.Bush Jr’s regime. He was also a defence contractor for the US army. Which means he is in a position to create strife world wide and also supply arms to keep it profitable to his business. Shocking.!

For all practical reasons the cold war between the West and Russia is over. Or is it? Syria is now burning and one analyast said this in the initial stages of the turmoil, “Syrian rebels can hold on as long as the arms supply is kept open” We now read news that CIA is “helping”the rebels. Russia and US are trading accusations. Big powers play and small nations bleed.

This will not stop, it will continue taking different avatars, and the poor, developing nations have to endure.

What does it portend for India? There are forces waiting in the wings internationally to create problems. There could be many among Indians, who are piqued internally and will be more than happy to take help from the top 5 and use it to create and foster strife in India.

During the recent anti nuclear agitation in Tamilnadu, it was reported that a Church group gathered its “faithful”to protest against the project. It fizzled out after the Prime Minister Mr.Manmohan Singh spoke about the influx of foreign funding that kept the protest alive.

So for those in India, who are eager to sleep with the enemy , they may want to think before they creep into others bed. They could end up being the tissue paper that will be discarded after its use is done. After Mr.Bin Laden was killed,American comedian Mr.Jim Stewart said in his show,”Who is the next enemy”?