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Canada Population: 30 Million / Land area 9, 97 thousand sq km
India population 1000 Million / Land area 3, 28 thousand sq km

The fertility rates of the Caucasian population have measured growth because of their planned life styles. Immigration is seen as a solution by policy makers. Canada opened its doors for immigration and now it has the most multicultural population mix in the world. It works flawlessly because of a simple reason, “the rule of the law is respected”. Politicians in spite of their politics respect the rule of law. That respect for the law percolates down to the man on the street. It provides both a sense of justice and fair play. If a person has a genuine complaint he can be assured that law will protect the rights of its people.

An example of Canada’s commitment to new immigrants is the public transit system customer service. It can respond to questions asked in 70 languages. Indians have enriched the nation as have other cultures, and have made an impact in various spheres of Canadian life, including politics. They have blended smoothly into the system. Given an opportunity of fair play they have demonstrated that as a community they are more disciplined and friendlier towards the nation which has welcomed them.

Please check back this section for news on Indians in Canada, their life styles, opportunities they are creating, the politics, pulls and challenges faced by them, and how they are overcoming it. This would attempt to provide useful practical tips to prospective immigrants. We would analyze the wonderful work done by Indians in spreading the culture and the process of how they are creating goodwill for India. It shall also provide a glimpse of how news emanating from India is perceived and interpreted here.

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