The first article

Education,scientific research, tourism, health and medical, the outsourcing industry, telecom, IT, infrastructure, roads, transport.. there are so many areas where progress has been achieved and can be achieved.

Poverty is major challenge for the nation. Last reports say that 22 % of the nation lives on poverty. What are the social measure taken to alleviate poverty, how effective are the current approaches. We would analaze the areas of strength, and its future, while zeroing on to areas which needs lot of improvement.

Corruption has been one of the major factors which is hindering growth and prosperity. Indian citizens from the poor farmer, to the street kid to the highest politicial rulers, has this fatal realisation that corruption is here to stay, and at times it appears that its corruption which is moving the economy. India is ranked as the 6 most corrupt nation in the world, ie from a total of 192 offical countries in the world. What are the factors which are promoting and sustaining corruption in India, what are the steps taken to stop it.How internal corruption is extending an invitation to corrupt forces over the world to India.

Will the common man ever see a day when the nation can be free of corruption?

Indian demographics offer profound hope; with more than 40% of her population below 25 she has great potential for the big leap forward. On the flip side, it is estimated that by 2015 India will have the largest ageing population, of over 60s in the world. What is the measures the nation is taking for its senior citizens.

The common citizens have a right to minimum civic needs such as neat navigable roads, clean drinking water, uninterrupted power supply,responsive administration free from corruption and the guarantee that all are equal in the eyes of the law.

This section analyses our great nation’s progress, the threats it faces and the opportunities it can seize.