The first article

There was a telling commentary in the news after the last Olympics, that a nation of 1 Billion people did not produce one Olympic Gold Medal. Does not the nation have the talent to produce Olympic athletes. Can that be true ?

Individual initiative produced PT Usha, ( athletics ) Jaspal Rana ( shooting ) Sania ( tennis ) and outstanding chess players, Vishwanathan Anand, & Koneru Hampi the women’s grand master.

If cricket has become a popular sport and the nations cricketers hold many world records, its obvious that talent springing from the same society that has created great cricketers can also create Olympic medal winners.

India has been regularly sending contingents to Olympic games. It has a dedicated sports ministry, and all the states of the nation have their own sports ministries. The annual budget of the sports ministry of India for 06 -07 is 494 crores. How is that money utilized. What is the sports infrastructure of the nation, who are the big wigs of the sports federations, what is the levels of corruption, what is being done to promote talent, has the nation any goal for producing Olympic winners, what is being done in that direction.

Are sports persons treated with respect and dignity, has the sports ministry have any plans drawn out for India’s success in sports. What is China doing (32 Gold, 17 silver, 14 Bronze, 2004 Olympics Athens) which India is not doing.

This section deals with sports, and its politics.