The first article

Controversies are present in small and major forms, they are recurring, reshaping and disturb your tranquility. Most of them are needless but seize the mind of people, and costing money and resources to tame them back to normalcy.

Leadership, vision, maturity, responsibility and concern for the public welfare can bring peace to the lives of the common public. There are so many situations which if handled effectively could have saved money, lives, and bought in prosperity to the nation.

The nation which was born out of a bloody partition has had many riots in the last 50 years, the brunt of it was taken by the common man. It appears that at times there are interests who profit from social instability. We shall look at laws, events, how the government responded, the structure aimed at preventing trouble and the heroes in each situation.

Within a nation, social pressures, lack of security to the boys and girls of that nation, caused by criminal intent, an officialdom which respects money and political power over justice and righteousness make lives for the average middle class person very stressful.

Enviroinmental degradation, water management, social inequalities, the role played by the government shall be analyazed. The media which can do a great job is compelled by its own balance sheets to portray information which can add to the turbulence of the common man. We would analaze the role of the media in specific situations and elaborate on how trouble could be minimized.

Internationally, we shall analyaze the role of different governments and organization and how their actions are influencing the lives of peoples of each other nations.

This section features articles how responsible action can bring in peace and calm.