The first article

India is country of amazing diversity. She speaks in sixteen official languages and hundreds of dialects. Every country in the world has its own area of development and post independence India has passed many laws to bring in social justice. The nation has in place all the structures of a good democracy and they work in various measures of efficiency.

India has two principal national political parties and more than 200 regional parties including the two communist parties. Indian politicians are a uniquely qualified people with varied skills.

Politics in India is by emotional vote. Emotions bring in and out leaders. To maintain emotional advantage they indulge in actions which edge on bringing in social break up but they pull back just in time to maintain harmony. It’s a game of nerve and audacity. This game grips the attention of masses both in fear and entertainment.

In the parliament you can see all describe types. Leaders of vision, ethics, honesty, to corrupt, dishonest and simple straight forward criminals. They collectively participate in governance to take the nation towards its destined prosperity.

The bureaucracy is one of the strongest systems of the nation. They aid, collude, confront, with the politicians while administering the nation. You can see very honest officers to the opposite of the spectrum. However as a nation they all tick, and make it work. Emulating the west seems to be the goal of the nation.