The first article

Literature, painting, dances, songs, poetry, drama, cinema, theatre.. we are very rich in this. One can trace a clear inspiration from the culture of India. Vedas, the religious holy books Ramayana and Mahabharatha, have inspired many a classical work and have formed the ethos from which all art and entertainment has taken root.

The classical works of poets and authors of the past like kalidasa are the source for much of contemporary art forms today. Paintings inspired by love and devotion can be seen in different forms in the nation life today. Hindusim has inspired artists of muslims in many ways.Each dance form be it, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathak, and its variations, and the combinations of its music forms provide life, beat and rhythm and the Classical music and dance which evolved thus, forms the repository of today’s modern beats of India’s rich film industry and music industry of India.

The nation has many muslim superstars. Directors who have made India proud at Hollywood are Night Shyamalan, Sekhar gupta. Our glamour queens are knocking the international doors of fashion and have made a strong impact.

The western world has discovered the beauty of the classical music of India. The government has in place various institutions which are to promote art and preserve the cultural heritage of the country.

There are many prominent personalities and the off screen action is as glamorous and entertaining for the nation as the on screen action. This section features articles on the art industry, politics in art, modern entertainment, controversies and eminent personalities.