The first article

Each Individual on Earth faces so many problems minor and major each living day.He / She overcomes them by own strength and moves forward. Religion gives him hope that he is not alone and someone out there is there to help. Its private and personal. Principal religions Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, have such precious gems of insight and offer profound depth of meaning and message of life.

Clashes / disputes worldwide today have religion as either a major or underlying factor.Organized religion has become a dominant player. Religion is political, financial and very public.

All religions of the world seem to be searching for a place in the Hindu First Muslims did it by using their trade mark brutal sword deftly,and now Christian missionaries are doing it by intelligent marketing.An average educated Hindu resents the fact that these religions are a minority in India,yet want to establish a supremacy over the majority Hindus.

Is a similiar thing possible in reverse ?Like a Hindu having supremacy over Muslims in any muslim majority country, or over Christians in any christian majority country like UK, USA or Italy.The question which is on the minds of a Hindu is, “ Why cannot religions who come to India respect the primacy of Hinduism ?” The want to push, nudge, tease, taunt, mock and ridicule at Hinduism, while all the time they live off on “Hinduism”.

Hindus are a tolerant lot, and that gives other religions an impression that the ownership of the spiritual platform and leadership can be hijacked away from them. The very thought of a assertive Hindu unnerves other religions, and to prevent an assertive hindu from taking root a new industry called “hindu mudslinging” has taken shape.

No unbiased observer can say that minority religions were denied freedom to operate in India.This section features articles on politics of religion in India and the world.