The first article

The politically powerful word today is ‘Terror’ which gained popularity post 9 /11. Prior to that historically important date, across the world there have been victims in ways as horrendous as the attack on New York. Africa, the Persian Gulf region,Europe, India & many parts of asia. Depending on whose side you are, one identifies the players as either victims or aggressors. The best leaders of the world havent been able to resolve the troubles. While the western intellectual and academic world is now pointing its fingers towards Pakistan as the source of its troubles on its shores, its now slowly acquiring the wisdom to comprehend what India could have been subjected to.

Terrorism has hence now acquired two shades of color. Blue collar and white collar and comes with a well defined religious angle. Islamist chest thumpers belong to the former while the right wingers of the western world belongs to latter.

Warring world parties have allies amongst themselves and have major differences.The Muslim world has the power of “oil”. It bickers enough and does not have the intelligence to match the intellect of the allies. While some differ at micro level they work as partners on the world platform and vice versa. What drives all the players is politics.

Billions of dollars are spent on armaments and defense while whole sections of the populace of the world is grinding under poverty. There are so many politicians and the world can be a better place as more “leaders” emerge from the ranks of politicians.

Post Independence India was officially non aligned but for all practical purposes it sided with the Soviet Union. The west naturally has never looked at India as a friend and did not side with India when in need.

It is a tribute of the successive governments of India that in spite of the great changes, India has kept a fine balance and has managed to have its own opinion on all matters and remain in communication with both the East and the West.

So many forces are working on India. Many friendly, some unfriendly and few outright hostile. The Nation has overcome many challenges in its own style and as the next generation of leadership takes over gradually, we can see that the cultural strengths of the nation offering a solution to many problems of the world.

India has the potential in becoming a prominent player in World Politics. The west is now making efforts to look at the potential that is India.

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