Verdict 2009!

We are happy & also have reasons to be unhappy

Why we are happy:
The verdict was in clear numbers. The nation has been spared the trauma of horse-trading; it was agonizing to see constant bickering and jostling for power during the last regime. Now Governance however bad it could be is still possible. It must be a relief to operate the government without the black mail of the communist parties of India. It also reflects on the maturity of the Indian voter that they have rejected regional parties overwhelmingly. It was quite scary the way they were threatening to tear the fabric apart. We are equally happy for AIIMS. They must be expecting with happiness a new health minister. We are happy for the minorities & “secularists” at the relief they are experiencing that NDA hasn’t come to power. We are happy that the temperate lady Ms.Jayalalitha hasn’t been given any grip on power. The nation has been spared another Tea party. With this clear majority Mr.Man Mohan Singh may wean himself away from the title of weak prime minister. We are happy for him and congratulations on his “style”. He has made the Sikh community proud by negotiating himself to the position of the prime minister of India again.

Reasons why we are not happy:
Our primary grouse against congress government & its friends is that they have demonstrated on more then multiple occasion that it has an Anti-Hindu agenda. Some examples: The free run it has given to evangelical forces who operate with such scant respect to Hindu religious sentiments, the persecution of people who defend Hinduism, the act of embossing national currency with a deceptive cross, the act of tampering with the “Ram Sethu”, the act of inviting Mr. Benny Hinn to Bangalore, the act of appointing Christian heads to Hindu institutions like the Kalashektra dance school & The Venkateswara university in Tirupati, the act of silently enabling the break down of Hindu rule in Nepal, the act of replacing the census chief just because he gave the right numbers on Muslim population explosion. Their acts point to one direction, that the sentiments, aspirations of the Majority Hindus can be brushed under the carpet while at the same time excessive importance is given even to the mildest whim of the minorities. That mindset gives us reason for apprehension. The re-election of congress government would mean a renewal of attacks on Hindu religious practices & institutions by a combination of forces. This would also mean opening the doors fully for evangelists to operate with government patron.

The Indian voter has seen the election purely from an Indian stability point of view, which is quite mature. The Indian voter either due to or in spite of his illiteracy and poverty has done which no voter in any other part of the world would do. The Indian voter has “voted” for an outsider to rule them. That is a characteristic so peculiar to the Indian sub-continent. They seem to have an affinity to things foreign. The Indian cricket team has a foreign coach; the Indian congress has a foreigner as its chief.

The congress chief is not a Hindu. Her daughter and son in law is not a Hindu. Her son may not marry a Hindu. Will any European or American nation ever vote a Non Christian and most importantly a Hindu as their party chief? Mr. Bobby Jindal had to convert to Christianity to be where he is now. It is a cause of worry that power in India is now in the hands of a person who professes a faith that is surely not Hindu friendly. We now worry that our religious instititutions would be wearied and torn down systematically. Any act of defending against such government action would be dealt as a law and order issue.

Why are we pro BJP? Is it because they have great governance? No because they fare equally good or bad as the congress in governance and administration. (With the exception of Gujarat) With BJP in power we are ensured that Hinduism is safe. If the congress government can demonstrate that it can be a truly secular party, then we would support it totally. But they have a strong Christian agenda which is threatening to a Hindu. They would do anti-Hindu things in India what right wing Christians can only dream to do in the west. Because unlike India there is a strong commitment to public civility in the west.

For centuries Hindus were ruled by sword and deceit. They had a brief respite from foreign rule when the great Mahatma under exceptional circumstances produced exceptional leadership qualities and won freedom from the British. Now the same Hindus are giving away their freedom by democratic means.

In spite of their rhetoric, and numbers the BJP isn’t yet a party that has a passion and hunger for power the way the congress does. Elections are not just about ideologies, but most importantly the art of gaining and retaining power. BJP seems to be on a learning curve in the art of holding and retaining power. That was also the principal point of difference between Mr. Paul Martin & Jean Chrétien of the Liberal party of Canada. We hope that the BJP would come out with a good plan to open accounts in states they haven’t so far. However BJP is a young party. The majority of India are Hindus, and a young new Vajpayee is waiting to emerge from the millions of Hindus to take the country in the right direction.

With this verdict we don’t foresee any big changes in the day to day life of the Indian voter. Corruption shall flourish, infrastructure shall remain what it is, defense will languish, the appeasement of minorities will continue, terrorism shall be tolerated, and the poor man shall be kept in waiting…the way things were for the past 50 years.

We congratulate the majority Hindu population of India who were more open hearted then their western counterparts and welcomed Ms.Sonia an Italian as their party chief. It now remains to be seen how she reciprocates.